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  • Caciocavallo Dop

    Made in southern Italy, this cheese made from cow milk is an excellent table cheese.

    Prodotto: Latteria Soresina SOC. Coop Agricola
    Via Dei Mille 13/17 – Soresina ( Cremona) Italy

    Available in: 1kg, 500g

  • Italian Gift Baskets “The Nutcracker”

    Salami Calabria
    Prosciutto crudo di Parma
    Pecorino Crotonese
    Caciocavallo Soresina
    Calabrese Spianata
    Golosini Rustic Antipasto
    Salami with Chianti
    Golosini Mushroom Mix
    Rustichella Sugo Pom & Basil Parente Jam
    Rustichella Spaghetti
    Olio extravergine OGLIASTRINA Chiostro Amaretti Soft Due Vittorie Stradivari Balsamico
    Frescobaldi Red Wine

  • Italian Job Charcuterie

    Our Italian job is a variety of meats, cheeses, olives, antipasto Rustico, fresh fruit and vegetables, dry fruit, and bread. Our Charcuterie board is a great item to have when gathering with friends or simply given as a gift.

     $140 feeds approx  8-10


  • Percorino Semi-Aged

    Crotonese is a semi-firm, aged sheep milk cheese from Italy. The word “Crotonese” means “from Crotone”, a small coastal city in southern Italy. The cheese is sometimes called Pecorino Crotonese.

    Prodotto Op Unione Pastori Soc.Coop.Agr.
    Zona Industriale Taccu 57 cap 08035 Nurri Cagliari Italy

    Available in: 1kg, 500gr